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shutterstock_198741032Isabelle, owner and tutor at Cassis French Tuition, offers private French lessons in Tunbridge Wells for GCSE, A levels, SAT and DALF, as well as for adult learners of all abilities.

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 *Individual French lessons (teenagers and adults)*


Face-to-face lessons are the fastest way to learn. Whether you wish to revise for French GCSEs or A levels/International Baccalaureate (see dedicated page in the menu) ; for the SAT exams to enter prestigious American universities ; or the DELF  (Diplôme d’Études en Langue Française) or DALF (Diplôme Approfondi en Langue Française), or if you are looking to improve your chances at work/school, enjoy your holidays or start learning from scratch, the tuition will fit around you. After our initial free chat, I will design a course perfectly suited to your needs, which we will both agree on, and adapt as you progress.

Not everyone is interested in the same aspect of the language, not everyone has the same background, and so discovering what you would like to achieve, and how, is very important for your experience to remain pleasurable and successful.


*Adults working towards a French exam*

If you wish to learn French and get a recognition for it, we can work together towards IGCSE (International GCSE), AS/A2, DELF  (Diplôme d’Études en Langue Française) or DALF (Diplôme Approfondi en Langue Française) qualifications. We will work on the official material and past papers together, then you will take the exam in London when you are ready. 

Because sometimes it’s nice to push yourself a little and see how far you can go …


*French small group lessons with friends*

shutterstock_197183990You might prefer to gather some friends of a similar level and learn French together. This is not only a cheaper option, it is also a great way to get more conversation going and to have a go at real situations, without ever being put on the spot. Group lessons are tailor-made as well, because you might be interested mainly in conversation, or being confident on holidays, or learning from scratch, etc… . This format allows a lot of flexibility in terms of watching short films, reading articles or literature, discussing and role-playing ; it could also double up as a social evening, perhaps accompanied by French cheeses, wines or cakes (recipes available!).

Apart from open conversation,  themes you can choose (even mix and match) for your group are : French current affairs ; tourism and regions ; a selection or a work of French literature (modern or classic works).


*French grammar boost*

A course of 6 sessions (1h each) designed to cover all the main tenses, as well as some useful structures. So that you can benefit fully from the course, it will be adapted to your current level of fluency.

For a little head start with your grammar revision, go to the “bonus material” tab and click  on “grammar”.


*Skype French lessons*

shutterstock_252723754Although more suited to students with already a few basics in the French language, Skype lessons offer the possibility to connect anywhere, anytime that suits, without a fixed time/day each week. They are for you if you tend to travel a lot for work, live far from me, have mobility difficulties, have young children, etc.

The usual format is that I send you documents ahead of the lessons (documents can be from a book we agreed to work on, or a mix of newspaper articles, grammatical exercises, etc…depending on your level and goals) and we both work on them when we meet on Skype. The usual duration of the lesson is one hour.



*Now you have decided to go back to learning French with a tutor, have a little browse on my website : read a play, take the quiz, go to Bonus material for a brush up on your French grammar, have a little read of what your peers have been writing in French, or spend some time on the entertaining links provided (French culture, food, slang, useful addresses, etc…). Enjoy!




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