GCSE/ A level revision

GCSE 1-to-1 revision sessions are completely designed for you. I will adapt our revisions to your current level of ability and your needs, to ensure a good result in your exams.

It may be that you have fallen behind over the school year and do not know how to make progress ; have not understood one aspect of the language (grammar for example) and need things re-explained from the start ;  are a bit shy when it comes to participating in class (it brings you points, so giving you the tools to feel more confident is important) ; are unsure about the format of the exams (we will practise past papers together), etc….

Whatever your needs and worries, there is always a solution adapted to your specific situation. Definitely! Together we will have a chat about your weaknesses, the way you learn best, and we will have a look at what you have done in class so far. Then I will design a programme to help you progress, fill the gaps, and prepare for the exams, in a relaxed manner. We will use the material specific to your GCSE board (past papers, audio clips, grammar sheets, videos) and practise all four skills (oral, audio, written and reading comprehension)

I do believe in patient and relaxed teaching, listening to your worries, and addressing them one at a time. The important, in the end, is for you to understand well and feel confident about what is expected of you.

Here is a little feedback : “I just wanted you to know that at the end of Michael’s oral exam, when his teacher switched of the recording device, she turned to him and said “That was brilliant – I can’t believe how much you have improved since the mock!”. He’s delighted, as are we – and very conscious of how much the sessions with you helped him improve.” 

Independent learners : If you do not study French at school as part of your GCSE subjects, but still wish to prepare for and take the exam, this can be achieved through my cooperation with Tutors and Exams.

Here are some sites that could help a little when you have 5 minutes to spare….











A level and IB revisions will fit around your needs and current level. Whether you need to revise the whole programme, themes, grammar, practise your oral, or simply work on past papers, the lessons will completely fit around you. It is important that we discuss all you need to work on when we first meet, then I can prepare a programme for you.

We will work on material specific to your board, but I will also design handouts and activities for the areas you need to improve.

At this level of French, I believe it is both important for you to know the A level programme in order to achieve the grades you are aiming for,  but also to be a confident and independent speaker, ready to manage most situations in a French environment. Working and discussing various topics with a native French speaker is often very useful in making the whole learning process a lot more real and enjoyable.

Ella, on A level practice : “Continuing on with French to A level was a challenge, but the weekly help I have received from Isabelle has really boosted my confidence. We focus on the areas which I am weakest in, as well as having debates, which help with my aural exam. Especially in the 2nd year of my A levels, she has been a life-saver!” 

Independent learners : If you do not study French at school as part of your A level subjects, but still wish to prepare for and take the exam, this can be achieved through my cooperation with Tutors and Exams.

A few useful sites while you revise :

La Haine : https://the-artifice.com/la-haine-analysis/

La Haine, quotes : https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0113247/quotes?ref_=ttsnd_sa_4






Check out my grammar page for some useful tips! https://www.cassisfrenchtuition.co.uk/revision/

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