French fast

French grammar boost

A course of 6 sessions (1 hour each) designed to cover all the main tenses, as well as some useful structures.

So that you can benefit fully from the course, it will be adapted to your current level of fluency. You might benefit from it if you have joined a class or school where other students have done more grammar than you before ; if you know and understand quite a few words but find it difficult to string them together in a coherent manner ; or if you have learnt it all in the past and have become a little rusty.

For a little head start check my grammar revision 

Here is what Dorothy says about it : “…About a year ago I decided to give it another go, with a grammar course.
With Isabelle it is a positive experience,  I have progressed quite quickly with her and feel confident in expressing myself in everyday situations as well as basic listening. Isabelle is encouraging and patient and has adapted the teaching to my needs….” Read the rest in Testimonials.