French Podcasts

Listening to French spoken is a must when you are learning the language, however you might not be able to go to France very often. Luckily, there is now a wide range of podcasts available online (some as phone apps) than can allow you to listen to programmes at your level.

I recommend you include one or two as part of your weekly routine (listen in the car, on the train, in bed, whilst cooking, gardening, etc) as they are a great way, not only to improve your comprehension and accent, but also to  learn a bit more about French culture.

A few apps and sites for you to explore : 

Coffee Break (you can choose your level)

Transfert (by Slate)

Entre (by Louie Media)

Superheros (by Binge)


Most radio stations have a multitude of podcasts . I recommend you check on the France Inter website, for interesting programmes like : Boomerang (in depth interviews with actors, singers, film makers., etc) ; Grand bien vous fasse (societal) ; Carnets de campagne (what is happening in our villages) ; La terre au carré (ecology) and many more.

Podcasts selected for you : 

*Joel Dicker, the Swiss sensation :

*Catherine Deneuve, une vie :

*Quelques idées pour occuper les enfants pendant le confinement :

*Joan Baez sur Boomerang :

*Annie Leibovitz sur Boomerang :