French for pleasure

Skype or Zoom

Well, we are all doing it now that the virus is with us, but the good news is that it works really well for everyone.

Skype or Zoom lessons offer the possibility to connect anywhere, anytime that suits and we can do everything that we did before : one-to-one or group ;  learning for an exam or for pure enjoyment ; conversation ; textbooks, videos, articles, etc…

The usual format is that I send you documents ahead of the lessons (documents can be from a book we agree to work on, or a mix of newspaper articles, grammatical exercises, podcasts, videos, etc…depending on your level and goals) and we both work on them when we meet on Skype or Zoom. The usual duration of a lesson is one hour, but it is up to you.

*Now you have decided to go back to learning French with a tutor, have a little browse on my website : read a playtake the quiz, go to Bonus material for a brush up on your French grammar, have a little read of what your peers have been writing in French (Star pupils) or spend some time on the entertaining links provided (French culture, food, slang, useful addresses, etc…).