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“When I was seeking private French lessons another French teacher, for whom I have high regard, recommended Isabelle to me as a teacher enjoying a high reputation among her pupils and her peers.

After a year with Isabelle my ability with the French language has increased by leaps and bounds to the extent that I am now able to communicate in French on most subjects.

To boot, she is a charming, patient and understanding person.

She has exceeded all my expectations and, indeed, all the praise I heard before starting my studies with her.

I have no hesitation in saying that one will not be disappointed  with their results if they are prepared to devote reasonable time and effort to their studies.

Bonne chance.” Denis


“I started having French lessons with Isabelle over a year ago, I didn’t really take much notice of French at school, thinking I couldn’t grasp it.
Since I have been Isabelle’s student, it has been totally different for me! I have learnt so much in such a short space of time, Isabelle is a brilliant teacher, she makes it seem so easy and fun too!
I have surprised myself just how much French I know and I look forward to every lesson.”


“I suppose that I must be typical of so many people in this regard : I did French at school, and some of it had stuck, but not enough to stop me from thinking “How I wish I could speak French” whilst on holiday in France.
After many years of just thinking and wishing, I finally got around to taking some lessons with Isabelle last year, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
Following an initial session, she quickly assessed my level and worked out a suitable course for me to work through, not rigidly, but with all the basics and lots of conversation. Each lesson is really enjoyable and the hour passes too quickly ! I even enjoy the homework !
My French friends tell me I am getting better all the time so I am really looking forward to my next trip to France.
So, if like me you have harboured a desire to learn for years, don’t delay any longer. Isabelle can organise a course for you, whatever your level or ambition.
Donc, dépêchez-vous ! “  Bob



“Continuing on with French to A level was a challenge, but the weekly help I have received from Isabelle has really boosted my confidence. We focus on the areas which I am weakest in, as well as having debates, which help with my aural exam. Especially in the 2nd year of my A levels, she has been a life-saver!Ella



“After my first lesson with Isabelle I realised how lucky I was to have found a teacher like her. We agreed on how to proceed – I want to learn French in my retirement – with conversation, translations of carefully chosen passages and yes, the grammar necessary to understand the structure of the language. She does not let me get away with any sloppiness so that I am progressing fast. “ Peter


“I have been studying French with Isabelle for about six months and look forward to each lesson. Many years ago I went to evening classes for a year or so at Adult Education. I found it quite difficult as most of the other students had done French at school. About a year ago I decided to give it another go.
With Isabelle it is a positive experience,  I have progressed quite quickly with her and feel confident in expressing myself in everyday situations as well as basic listening. Isabelle is encouraging and patient and has adapted the teaching to my needs. As well as the lessons being fun, I learn aspects of French culture and local expressions which are very helpful to me.” Dorothy



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